PBR Hosts Call To Action in Los Angeles

The PBR hosted an event in Los Angeles alongside their Unleash the Beast Tour that was a call to action.

The L.A. City Council is working hard to ban all rodeo, bull riding and equestrian events in L.A. The PBR invited all who support western sports to advocate for them yesterday evening at Chick Hearn Plaza. All participants received tickets to last night’s PBR Unleash the Beast.

James Miller, the General Manager of the Red Bluff Roundup, along with Scott Dorenkamp, Reno Rosser and more are traveling to educated and advocate for the sport of rodeo. Also making an appearance at last nights event were multiple organizations from all over to make a stand.

If you couldn’t make the event but want to help save the western way of life in Los Angeles, go to change.org/saverodeoinla and follow along with the Western Justice Foundation.