PBR Central: Keyshawn Whitehorse is Ready to Take a World Title Back to the Navajo Nation

Keyshawn Whitehorse has taken the PBR by storm and he never forgets where he came from.

Within the PBR, to some, Whitehorse is known as the Pride of the Navajo Nation.

“I hope to win a World Title and be able to bring that joy back to the reservation. I have the greatest fans in the world… I’m happy to have the heritage that I have,” Whitehorse said.

Whitehorse is currently sitting No. 24 in the PBR World Standings.

At Madison Square Garden, Whitehorse rode Tiktok for 87.75 points. In Indianapolis, he rode Sugar Boom Boom for 88.5 points.

Whitehorse will be in Sacramento, California and Milwaukee, Michigan coming up next with the World Finals in Fort Worth, Texas getting closer and closer.