Paul Eaves Returns to NFR for 10th Time and First Since 2020 World Championship

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Paul Eaves has not been to the NFR since 2020, but the last time we saw him on rodeo’s biggest stage he delivered in the biggest way.

Roping with Colby Lovell, he rallied to win his second Gold Buckle by winning the final three rounds of the NFR to edge out a Top 5 that were all within $20,000 of him at season’s end.

In 2023, he is roping with veteran Erich Rogers who has been to the NFR a dozen times himself including this year. With Eaves’ 10 qualifications, they combine to have more than any other pair competing at the 2023 NFR.

Eaves enters No. 7, about $52,000 off the pace set by World No. Wesley Thorp.


California Rodeo Salinas, $6,837

Eaves won Salinas in 2021 and took second this year, doing so with an aggregate time of 49.3 seconds on five head. Salinas was the only California the team won a check from in 2023.

Sheridan WYO Rodeo, $6,387

Eaves won the Sheridan WYO Rodeo for the second time in his career on July 16 and this marked his first win in Wyoming since 2017. He and Rogers were 12 seconds flat on two to win by two tenths.


San Angelo Rodeo, 3.4 Seconds

Eaves is used to fast times in San Angelo and this year, that’s where he and turned in his best of the year. It won him and Rogers Round 2 and $5,600.

Lewiston Roundup (Idaho), 3.7 Seconds

The one-header in Idaho marked Eaves’ fifth win in The Gem State. He and Rogers also won Round 1 of the Cinch Playoffs in Puyallup the same weekend.

Ponoka Stampede (Alberta), 6.9 Seconds in Showdown

For the first time since 2014, Eaves won a rodeo in Canada. It was his first career Ponoka Stampede title, same for his partner Rogers.

New Mexico State Fair and Rodeo, 4.1 Seconds

On Sept. 17, Rogers/Eaves beat out three teams were who were just one tenth off their pace. A total of seven teams were 4.5 seconds or faster and the win paid $5,078.

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