Paden Bray on Buying his NFR Steers

When we catch up with Paden Bray on Western Sports Round-Up, he talks all about his first NFR, roping with header Erich Rogers this year, winning the average, and purchasing the steers from Round 1 and Round 10.

On the significance of those two particular steers, Bray says, “The first round, we were fortunate enough to win the round — so first round, first NFR, I feel like that’s pretty special, and obviously that steer was good enough to let us do it. And then the Round 10 steer is the one that won us the average. Both those steers won me quite a bit of money and quite a bit of accolade for me. So, you know, I appreciate Bobby Joe selling them, and they are both really good steers, and I’m just very blessed to have them on the ranch now.”


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