NFR’s Most Memorable Moments: Billy Etbauer’s Fifth Gold Buckle

Jeff Medders puts it best when he says, “Billy Etbauer’s NFR highlights reel in Las Vegas isn’t a moment, it’s a documentary.”

It consists of 21 trips to the NFR, five world championships, and more than a handful of memorable moments and world records.

In 2003, Bill Etbauer set a new arena record in Las Vegas with a 93-point ride on Kesler’s Cool Alley. He drew Cool Alley again the following year in Round 10, and not only did Etbauer win the round, he won the world title.

In 2004, at almost 42 years old, Etbauer became the oldest roughstock cowboy to ever earn a gold buckle — a record he still holds to this day.

In total, Etbauer won 51 go-rounds at the NFR through the years, an NFR record in the saddle bronc riding. Cody Ohl and Trevor Brazile are the only two cowboys to have surpassed Etbauer’s number of career round wins in total.


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