NFR Round 4 Recap: Kaycee Field ties a record, Wild Wade Sundell gets a round win and more


Sunday night at the Thomas and Mack was electric.

Kaycee Field has been on a mission to break records this NFR and he is close to doing just that.

In the steer wrestling, Riley Duvall and Will Lummus split the round win but Duvall is No. 1 in the average. Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira were smooth and fast to win the team roping.

Wild Wade Sundell is back after having a rough start but he showed up and showed out in Round 4.

Shad Mayfield is on a heater after getting his first NFR go-round win in Round 3, he turned around to do it again in Round 4.

Wenda Johnson might be sitting No. 14 in the aggregate but she smoked the competition last night when she won the round by more than a tenth of a second.

Parker Breding is the highlight in the bull riding. The four-time NFR qualifier is now four for four.

Bareback Riding

Kaycee Field got his 25th round win at the NFR tying Bobby Mote for most NFR go-round wins in history. Going 87.5 points on Bar T Rodeo’s Outlaw, Field moved to No. 1 in the World Standings.

R.C Landingham split the win with Feild. After coming back this season from past injuries, Landingham is back and feeling better than ever.

“It’s been a long road and injuries are a big deal in the event and it was rough getting through. After my third surgery on my left shoulder and it feels good as ever thanks to Dr. Tandy Freeman and Doug Champion.” Landingham said.

1. Kaycee Feild and R.C. Landingham 87.5 points $24,166 each
3. Richmond Champion, Cole Reiner, Garrett Shadbolt and Cole Franks 86 points $9,688 each


Steer Wrestling

Riley Duvall is having a great start to his 2021 NFR. He is tied for first in the aggregate and third in the World Standings after throwing his Round 4 steer in 3.9 seconds.

Will Lummus tied with Duvall with a 3.9 and the veteran bull dogger was due for a round win.

“I was getting down a bit but after visiting all the cancer kids today, it made me realize that no matter how bad I think things are, those kids are fighting harder than I ever will have to. When you look at that, I go things back on track.” Lummus said.

Jacob Talley is still sitting No. 1 in the world and Dirk Tavenner is sitting second.

1. Riley Duvall and Will Lummus 3.9 $24,166 each
3. Tyler Waguespack and Dirk Tavenner 4.0 $13,716 each
5. Tristan Martin 4.2 $6,966
6. Rowdy Parrott and Curtis Cassidy 4.7 $2,177 each


Team Roping

Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira have had a great 2021 NFR. They took the win in Round 4 and are now both sitting No. 1 in the aggregate and the World.

Clay Smith and Jade Corkill took second in the round with a 5.0 second flat run and are sitting second in the aggregate.

Newly paired teams Derrick Begay and Brady Minor along with Quinn Kesler and Joseph Harrison are also moving up in the standings.

1. Kaleb Driggers/Junior Nogueira 4.1 $26,996
2. Dustin Egusquiza/Travis Graves and Quinn Kesler/Joseph Harrison 4.4 $18,723 each
4. Rhen Richard/Jeremy Buhler 4.7 $11,321
5.Andrew Ward/Buddy Hawkins II 4.8 $6,966
6. Brenton Hall/Chase Tryan 4.9 $4,354


Saddle Bronc Riding

Wild Wade Sundell is back after a rough start to his ninth NFR. He got his first round win by half a point after going 89.5 on Powder River Rodeo’s Bet The Ranch.

“I’ve been here many, many times but this round win might mean the most. My little boy said to me last night ‘Daddy will you get a buckle? I want to go on stage.’ And I said I’ll tighten up a little bit,” said Sundell.

Steton Wright is still No. 1 in the World Standings but his brother, Ryder Wright, is a close second.

1. Wade Sundell 89.5 $26,996
2. Wyatt Casper 89 $21,336
3. Zeke Thurston 88.5 $16,111
4. Tegan Smith 87.5 $11,321
5. Spencer Wright 87 $6,966
6. Cody DeMoss 86.5 $4,354


Tie-down Roping

Shad Mayfield got his second ever round win in Round 4 with a 7.6 and we can expect him to keep it going. He is sitting No. 2 in the world with six round left and his momentum is high.

Caleb Smidt and Tuf Cooper split second and third. Smidt is sitting No. 3 in the world while Cooper is sitting No. 4.

The competition in the tie-down roping is getting tough.

1. Shad Mayfield 7.6 $26,996
2. Caleb Smidt and Tuf Cooper 7.7 $18,723 each
4. John Douch 7.9 $11,321
5. Marcos Costa 8.1 $6,966
6. Ty Harris 8.3 $4,354


Barrel Racing

Wenda Johnson came into Round 4 on a mission and she got the job done. She stopped the clock at 13.46 on her 5-year-old horse, Mo, to win the round by more than a tenth of a second.

Amanda Welsh came in second and is having an unforgettable first trip to Las Vegas. She is sitting third in the aggregate while Stevi Hillman is sitting first. Hillman is running a 5-year-old at the Thomas and Mack this year and the team is clearly having success.

1. Wenda Johnson 13.46 $26,966
2. Amanda Welsh 13.61 $21,336
3. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi 13.62 $16,111
4. Emilly Miller Beisel 13.63 $11,321
5. Dona Kay Rule 13.69 $6,966
6. Hailey Kinsel 13.70 $4,354


Bull Riding

There were only two qualified rides in Round 4 of the bull riding. Dustin Boquet and Parker Breding both went for 84.5 points.

This puts Breding in the No. 1 spot in the Aggregate as he is the only cowboy that has ridden his bull in every round and his now sitting No. 3 in the World Standings. Boquet has moved to No. 5 in the World Standings.

1. Parker Breding and Dustin Boquet 84.5 $43,543 each