New Meixco Cowgirl and No. 11 Barrel Racer in the World Jymmy Cox on Chase and the Ruidoso Fire

Jymmy Cox is in Reno and she joins Katy Lucas to catch up.

Jymmy Cox is the No. 11 ranked barrel racer in the World and if you ask her, it is all thanks to the big red equine partner, Chase.

“I’ve told everybody since the beginning it’s a God thing and it’s been the most magnificent ride, it really has, thanks to him,” Cox said about Chase.

The duo came to be after a good friend, Jana Riley, had a horse accident and called Cox to run Chase. The first barrel race they went to they cashed in on $20,000 and Riley told her to ‘just stay on him’. Riley also says it is just a God thing.

Chase is a survivor all himself. He had kissing spine surgery and surgery on his throat during his futurity years and he has battled his way into the pro circuit where he is thriving.

“He’s just a beast, he really is. He loves his job and he just tries so very hard,” Cox said.

A battle that recently came their way is the wild fire is Ruidoso. Cox was home, had just had lunch with her father and got her new hat creased before heading to the barn. That is when she saw the smoke and texted her father and Kelly to start evacuating.

“That whole town was evacuated and the out pouring of love and the generosity from people in the community and in different states has been overwhelming, it’s just amazing,” she said.

Cox and Chase are having quite the year and they have no intentions of slowing down.

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