Neeley Lewis Captures Josey Reunion Championship

Neeley Lewis and Spark N Lion came from Shreveport, Louisiana to stop the clock at 16.095 at the Josey Reunion in the Final Round to be your Champion and run the fastest time of the weekend.

Spark N Lion is a six-year-old that Lewis bought last year from Jana Beam Brown and at first, Lewis did not know if it was going to be a good fit.

“You look for the perfect one and then you’re like ‘Is this it, I don’t know’ and we just kept clicking. She’s taken me on the biggest adventure this last year,” Lewis said.

The Final Round was the best for Lewis, she says that she had not had a good first barrel at the Josey Ranch on this mare, ever, so when she nailed it in the Final Round, she could not let it go to waste. This team is just that, the mare relies on Lewis a little more sometimes than Lewis would like and at the Josey Reunion, it all worked out.

At the Josey Reunion this year, 14 states were represented and 10 of those states ran in the Final Round. As far as Lewis, the next place you can see her is in Waco, Texas at the Royal Crown.