NCHA Winners Christian Miller and Stuart Bozeman Join Western Sports Round-Up

Stuart Bozeman is the 2021 4-year-old Intermediate Non-Pro Champion and gives a lot of credit to the quality of his draw.

“There is never a bad draw in the finals, you are just happy to be in there, but I was very happy to an early draw because some of the cows weren’t near as good once you cut through them a bit.”

Stuart was marked 220 on his horse ‘Check Yer Metal’ and says it is incredible to see a horse you trained have this much success.

“There is no better feeling, I mean I can’t really put it into words. I hope there is a lot more work we do on him in this show and future shows. This horse comes out every day and wants to give you 110% he doesn’t have a bad day.”

Christian Miller was marked a 222 and named the 4-year-old Intermediate Champion on Smart Looking Sanman.

“He is a phenomenal horse. He is so smart on a cow. I knew he was good and consistent, but it always felt like he wasn’t doing enough. I always wanted to push him for a little bit more, but really he was telling me hey I wish you would just back off and let me do me.”