Martha Josey Talks CeBe Reed and the Start of Her Career

Martha Josey’s beloved horse CeBe Reed is the horse that got her career started.

“He was just phenomenal. He had a style all his own, the cowboys would actually come to the fence to watch him run. He’d run to the barrel as fast as he can, get on his rear end, slide, pull with his front end, never hit barrels. He was just outstanding,” Josey said.

The year before she went professional, Josey made $12,000 aboard CeBe Reed and the duo went to 52 races straight without hitting a barrel. This was all in 1967, the year before she started entering pro rodeos.

Josey bought CeBe Reed when she traded three horses and $2,500. They would go on to go down in the history books before their career together was over.

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