Manny and Dustin Egusquiza to donate 10 percent of season earnings to St. Nicholas Center for Children

A pair of team roping brothers are pledging 10 percent of their season earnings to a children’s center in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Dustin and Manny Egusquiza’s donations will be to the St. Nicholas Center for Children’s Reaching for Autism program, which is an initiative to improve the lives of children with autism, delays and disorders by providing therapy and family support. The facility itself was virtually destroyed by a hurricane last year, so the donations from the Egusquiza brothers will help literally rebuild the facility.

“Manny and Dustin are true champions for the children we serve at St. Nicholas,” one of the center’s directors said.

Dustin closed the regular season as the No. 1 header in the world and has already won more than $147,000 this year.

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