Lefty Holman Rolls into San Antonio Semifinals After Capitalizing in Bracket 5

Winning two of three go-rounds lands Lefty Holman in the No. 1 spot in Bracket 5 moving on.

California’s Lefty Holman dominated in Bracket 5 picking up two go-round wins and placing in the other. He is the No. 1 saddle bronc rider to move on to the Semifinals after his total money earned came in at $6,250.

Holman started with an 87-point ride before he was 84 in Round 2. His rematch in Round 3 was his old friend, Shady Jacket of J Bar J’s, and the two were the best of the night coming in at 87.5 points.

"[I’m] just going into the next one knowing the job is not finished, keeping that mindset. It’s been a great bracket for me but just got to keep the momentum going,” Holman said.

Dominating this bracket is putting it lightly. Holman sits No. 1 by $3,500. The No. 2 cowboy is Layton Green. A pair of 84-point rides were enough to bring in $2,750 for Green.

The final two saddle bronc riders that we will see in the Semifinals are Sterling Crawley and Isaac Diaz. Crawley picked up the Round 2 win with an 85.5-point ride while Diaz placed in two go-rounds to cash in.

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