Lea County Xtreme Bulls 2021: Highlights, recap and payouts

Rookie Creek Young and six-time World Champion were the only competitors to ride two at the Lea County Xtreme Bulls in New Mexico on Tuesday night. Young was the winner on aggregate, beating Kimzey in Aggregate score 169.5-165.5.

Young won a total of $10,793 with $5,393 coming from his Aggregate total, $3,883 coming from winning the Short Round on Bayou Bengal and $971 for his fourth place finish in the Long Round, which was won by Roscoe Jarboe, who rode New Star’s Listen Linda for 90 points.


“He’s got me down one time before at San Angelo’s Xtreme, I knew what was coming this time,” Young said. “Got it done on a bull that bucked me pretty good the first time.”

With the win, 20-year-old Young is now No. 6 in the PRCA Bull Riding World Standings with close to $83,000. He is riding more than 50 percent of his bulls so far.

“I felt like I had a real strong start to the season, I feel like that’s probably the most important part, getting out there and getting a good start,” he said. “Had a couple cold months there, April and May, but I feel like we’re back on track.”


First round: 1. Roscoe Jarboe, 90 points on New Star Pro Rodeo’s Listen Linda, $3,236; 2. Matt Palmer, 85.5, $2,481; 3. Ruger Piva, 84.5, $1,834; 4. (tie) Creek Young and Clayton Sellars, 82.5, $971 each; 6. Jesse Hopper, 82, $539; 7. (tie) Sage Kimzey and Parker Breding, 81, $378 each.

Finals: 1. Creek Young, 87 points on Pete Carr Pro Rodeo’s Bayou Bengal, $3,883; 2. Sage Kimzey, 84.5, $3,308; no other qualified rides. Average: 1. Creek Young, 169.5 points on two head, $5,393; 2. Sage Kimzey, 165.5, $4,135; 3. Roscoe Jarboe, 90 on one head, $3,056; 4. Matt Palmer, 85.5, $1,978; 5. Ruger Piva, 84.5, $1,258; 6. Clayton Sellars, 82.5, $899; 7. Jesse Hopper, 82, $719; 8. (tie) Trey Benton III and Shane Proctor, 80, $270 each. (all totals include ground money).

Meet the NFR Athletes is presented by Montana Silversmiths
Meet the NFR Athletes is presented by Montana Silversmiths