Kolby Wanchuk Seeking First Career NFR Qualification

Kolby Wanchuk has had a rollercoaster career at just 24 years old. In 2017 he fractured his skull and was forced to miss the season. As bad as it sounds, it could have been far worse, Kolby avoided any serious injury other than the fracture, which allowed him to get back on a bronc a few weeks later.

Since 2018, Kolby’s first full season, he has improved on his previous year’s World Standings position. In 2020 Wanchuk finished 19th in the world, four spots outside of an NFR qualification.

He is doing all he can to get that first career NFR qualification. Wanchuk sits in seventh place in the World Standings in 2021, due in large part to a big win in San Antonio earlier this year.