Katelyn Scates Details The Exciting Changes Being Made To Rodeo Houston In 2023

Katelyn Scates, the Director of Sports and Event Presentations for Rodeo Houston joins Western Sports Roundup to detail some of the big changes coming in 2023.

The 2022 Rodeo Houston included seven days of women’s breakaway roping which set a great foundation for the future of this event. Because of its success, breakaway roping will now be included for all 20 days at the Houston Rodeo in 2023 as well as the addition to equal money in the payout.

In addition the Houston Rodeo will be increasing the payout for this upcoming year as well as making adjustments to their format which will include an expansion of the Wildcard Round.

With the help of 35,000 volunteers and an outstanding Board of Directors Rodeo Houston continues to grow and progress along side the sport of professional rodeo.