Kacey Gartner Claims Pendleton Barrel Racing Championship

Kacey Gartner and Mercedes hustled through the green mile in Pendleton to take home the win from the Pendleton Round-Up.

After winning the first round with a 28.57-second run and finishing second in the Short Round Gartnered topped the average with a time of 57.11 seconds.

“I put all my trust is [Mercedes]. She loves this pen and she knows it and I just have to hang on and she does the work,” Gartner said.

Being from Walla Walla, she is at the Pendleton Round-Up to watch her husband every year and four years ago, she decided she would try her luck at it. She came close twice, finishing second in the average twice and it was finally her year. Gartner walked away the 2022 Pendleton Round-Up Barrel Racing Champion.