Justin Sportmedicine Talks Winter Season & Updates on Roughstock Riders

Justin Sportsmedicine is in the middle of the winter rodeo season and their team is here, there and everywhere. Mike Richards is one of the many Justin Sportsmedicine faces that we see.

“It’s like every year, the big winter rodeos definitely take a toll. Fort Worth lasted weeks on end, San Antonio, Denver, it’s like we kind of stretch our staff to the max. We swap guys in and out and definitely rely on the local help a bunch,” Richards said.

Justin Sportsmedicine works with local teams of doctors and physical therapists and they will fly their own doctors to some of the larger events. They also keep in touch with other rodeo medical programs like those of the PBR and Tuff Hedeman Bull Ridings.

Tim Bingham broke his neck at the Tuff Hedeman Bull Riding in Las Vegas last weekend. This is the second time Bingham has broken his neck but there was no paralysis and he had surgery last week.

Saddle bronc rider Joe Harper came off of a horse wrong and broke a bone in his arm that had to be surgically reduced and repaired. He is likely to be out a couple of months.

The winter rodeos are in full swing but the spring rodeos are right around the corner meaning that Justin Sportsmedicine will be hitting the road just as hard when it is time for Red Bluff, Clovis and more.