Justin Rumford Talks Career Highlights and Unforgettable Memories on the Rodeo Road

Justin Rumford is the most decorated rodeo clown in the PRCA with many unforgettable moments.

One of those moments came in Sikeston, Missouri when he worked with Rick Young and Rudy Burns. Young had worked Sikeston for 60 years and at 82 years-old, he walked into the arena with Rumford to tip his hat to an empty arena and say, “It’s been quite a show,”

Rumford’s career took off quickly after he got his card in 2011. He won PRCA Clown of the Year in 2012 and for the next nine consecutive years.

“I think that my career just hit when it was supposed to… I’m pretty blessed to just be there when I was supposed to be there,” he said.

Rodeo has been apart of Rumford’s life forever, it is full of friends turned family and his memories and stories are worth more than the buckles.