Jordan XTreme Bronc Ride Recap

PHOTOGRAPHY BY JORDAN SHORT: (cover photo) Wyatt Casper, Ty Manke, Shorty Garrett, Jesse Wright, Lefty Holman, Mitch Pollock, Sterling Crawley, CoBurn Bradshaw, Cody DeMoss, Rusty Wright, Wyatt Casper

At the Jordan XTreme Bronc Match this past weekend, the deck was stacked. Among the saddle bronc riders to compete were the likes of Wyatt Casper, Cody DeMoss, Zeke Thurston, Jacobs and Sterling Crawley, Brody Cress, CoBurn Bradshaw, the Wrights — Rusty, Ryder, Stetson, and Jesse — and the list goes on. Thirty-five of the forty bronc riders, in fact, are currently in the top 40 in the PRCA World Standings. So it’s safe to say that, along with the payouts, pretty big bragging rights were on the line in Jordan, Montana.

In round one, Ty Manke came out on top with $3,282 for his 88-point ride J Bar J’s Jumping Lizard, followed closely by Wyatt Casper and Sterling Crawley who split second and third with 87 points and $2,188 each. Mitch Pollock and Cody DeMoss likewise split fourth and fifth with 86 points and $985 each. Jake Finlay’s 83-point ride earned him sixth and $547 while seventh place was a three-way tie Rusty Wright, Shorty Garrett and CoBurn Bradshaw (81 points, $255 each).

Shorty Garrett was the big winner in the finals, earning 87 points and just shy of $3,000 for his ride on J Bar J’s Hell On Hooves. Cody DeMoss followed in second with 86 points ($2,188), then CoBurn Bradshaw, 85 ($1,459), and Wyatt Casper, 84 ($729).

Jordan XTreme Bronc Ride Recap