John Douch Gets Much Needed Win as He Eyes NFR Qualification

John Douch is inside the Top 8 in the PRCA Tie-Down Roping World Standings after a big win in Ellensburg.

In the Short Round, Douch was 8.4 seconds to win the Go-Round and the Average. He knew he had a good calf which gave him a great chance to cash a check.

“It was pretty good, I knew that I had a good calf. They tied it in 8.4 and 8.9,” he said. “Took a pretty good start, better than I thought and made a good run.”

Douch, who is just $12,000 ahead of No. 15 in the world knows it is all about cashing checks at each rodeo, which impacted his strategy going into the Final Round in Ellensburg.

“In the position I’m in I wasn’t trying to make first, I just wanted to make a solid run and win some money and keep going to the next rodeo.”

He ultimately ended up with an aggregate time of 26.3 seconds on three.

Douch, who is looking to make a return to the NFR knows that the win in Ellensburg got him that much closer to Las Vegas for a third consecutive NFR trip.

“It was good to get some more money in my pocket and make me more comfortable.”