JJ Hampton on Raising Her Cowboy with a Heart of Gold, Kason Prince


The one accomplishment that real estate mogul, 17X world champion, and Texas Cowboy Hall of Famer JJ Hampton is most proud of is her son, 11-year-old Kason Prince.

Her approach to motherhood mirrors her approach to roping — she gives it 110 percent — and it’s clearly paying off. Smart, athletic, and kind, Kason takes after his mom in more ways than one, the most obvious being his desire to give back.

Recently Hampton was nominated for the Everyday Hero award by the Stephenville Empire-Tribune for her continuous efforts to help kids in her community. One of the many philanthropic endeavors she’s cited for is Backpack Buddies, an organization that funds meals for children in need, and Hampton tells the Emipre-Tribune that she has Kason to thank for getting her involved.

Back in 2017, Kason asked his mom about the program after overhearing a conversation and ended up telling her he wanted to help, even offering to give some of his own money. From there, Kason created a Facebook page encouraging others to donate, has sold T-shirts for cousin Marty Yates, and put on a bake sale, all to benefit Backpack Buddies.

Together, he and his mom have now raised/donated more than $23,700 to the organization. Last year, Kason became the youngest person ever named as one of the E-T’s annual “40 Under 40” honorees.

Undeniably proud of her son’s commitment to help others, JJ also admits that, as a competitor, she’s also elated he’s finally taken up roping. Here’s what she has to say about sharing her passion for rodeo with her son: