Jay and Cutter McLaughlin stop by WSR to talk World’s Greatest Horseman Competition

Jay McLaughlin rode Shiny Outlaw to become the NRCHA’s World’s Greatest Horseman Competition Reserve Champion. Jay’s son, Cutter, won the World’s Greatest Youth Horseman Championship on top of Dee Vee Dee. They both stopped by Western Sports Roundup to talk with Janie Johnson.

According to Jay, competition at the World’s Greatest was very rough this year. He is glad he went home with a title, but what he is most proud of is his son’s accomplishment in the competition.

Jay had a lot to do with Cutter’s ride in the fact that Jay had a lot to do with Dee Vee Dee. Jay has shown him at the World’s Greatest before and even won five consecutive NRCHA Open Bridal Spectaculars while riding Dee Vee Dee.

“I don’t know a lot of horses that have done that,” he said. “He’s a Hall of Famer to me.”

When it came to fence work, Cutter says that the main thing he was keeping in mind was not letting the pressure get to him.

Following in the footsteps of his father’s amazing career, Cutter says the best advice is “to keep my mind straight. Don’t let the pressure get to me. Just go show my horse and show the horse that I have-- not any more, not any less. Be consistent.”