Jacob Lees Matches Up with Sankey Pro Rodeo and Phenom Genetic’s Mustard for St. Paul Rodeo Victory

Bareback rider Jacob Lees got a very sought after win over Cowboy Christmas after a huge draw came his way.

Jacob Lees is the No. 13 ranked bareback rider in the World — and a successful Cowboy Christmas is, in part — due to a massive ride that he has been waiting for. At one of the most iconic rodeos over the Fourth, the St. Paul Rodeo, Lees matched up with the rising star that is Mustard of Sankey Pro Rodeo and Phenom Genetics.

“Yeah, I had a great feeling about having that horse here, they won it on him last year so I knew it was going to be good,” Lees said.

Although if you ask Lees, there is more in the tank for the two of them so he hopes to have Mustard again but 88 points and a victory lap at his favorite Fourth of July rodeo is the ideal way for their first-time meeting to end.

Lees raked in over $23,000 during Cowboy Christmas as he eyes the greatest outdoor show on earth.

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