Jackie Crawford Talks All Things Breakaway and American Hats on the Tailgate Party

Jackie Crawford is the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Breakaway Roping Champion and she kicked things off right in Las Vegas when she made an identical run to Round 1 of the 2020 Finals.

In Round 1 both years, Crawford set the bar at 1.9 seconds.

“You know, I really didn’t even think about it being the same time that won the first round last year and had it happen again until it already happened. I was like oh my gosh that’s really cool,” Crawford said.

She crunched the numbers before coming into the finals and decided if she was going to get a Gold Buckle she would have to go at every round and be on fire. It was not an average game for her.

Crawford is a big reason that breakaway has grown the way it has and she is evolving alongside the sport. That includes companies like American Hat Company picking up and adding breakaway ropers to their list of athletes.

“American Hats is such an amazing company, they are so great to me,” Crawford said.

Crawford ended her year ranked No. 6 in the world and Sawyer Gilbert is the 2021 Breakaway World Champion.