J.J. Hampton on Breakaway Being Added to the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

Competing in Bracket 4 of the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo ProRodeo tournament, 17-time world champion J.J. Hampton had a disappointing night last night, missing her calf and her chance at any money, but her win in the first round on Wednesday was enough to qualify her for the wild card round, offering her another shot at the semi-finals. No matter the outcome, though, Hampton says she is just grateful for the opportunity.

In an interview preceding her first run at Dickies Arena, Hampton talked to Kirbe Schnoor about getting to rope with her nephew Marty Yates and being a part of the inaugural class of breakaway ropers to compete there.

“Well, I mean, all of us are so thankful and grateful for the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo for putting us in the rodeo, equal added money. It’s a dream for all of us,” she says. "... to know that a young girl is going to be able to make a living breakaway roping is probably the biggest blessing you could have as an older competitor in our sport.”