Is DIY leasing to hunters the best way?

Farmers work hard to be stewards of the land and feed America. They’re hands-on people who do their own work sunup to sundown every day, despite the uncontrollable challenges to growing and sustaining large profits. Base Camp Leasing understands this, too.

The company, which offers high-quality hunting rights leases powered by the American landowner, was founded in 1999 by Steve Meng, who grew up on a farm in Kansas.

Steve experienced the challenges of farming firsthand and saw new ag services introduced over time to help farmers add incremental annual income. Steve is also an avid hunter and knows how hard it can be to access private land, so with Base Camp, he married the two ideas together back in 1999.

Over the last couple of decades, farmers and ranchers leasing out hunting rights has become an ancillary opportunity to add additional income. When it comes to leasing out your farm to hunters, many try to do this on their own because it seems simple on the surface, but like many other ag services, getting maximum benefit comes from using a true industry expert.

In reality, there are several important reasons why using an experienced hunting lease service will create maximum annual income with the lowest risk and least amount of hassle for you.

Base Camp offers the maximum price per acre from the largest hunting rights marketplace in the U.S., the lowest possible risk from a proven and time tested lease with a $5 million liability policy, and minimizes the hassle by handling all paperwork.

Over the last two decades, Base Camp has grown into the leading hunting rights broker in the U.S. because of excellent service provided to take care of both the hunters and the landowners.

The company actively manages thousands of leases for landowners just like you across 28 states and would welcome the opportunity to boost your hunting lease income, reduce all the risks and remove the time burden so you can focus on farming. Give them a call at 1-866-309-1507 or sign up here.

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