Injury Update: Bull Rider Shane Proctor

World champion bull rider Shane Proctor had a strong start in Dodge City. He scored 88 points in the long round of the XTreme Bulls on Tuesday, finishing third in the round and sixth overall and pocketing nearly $3,000.

The following night he was matched up with the same bull in round 1 of the Dodge City Roundup Rodeo, but ride number two had a vastly different outcome. Proctor was bucked and took a hard hit, ending up under the bull with its back feet coming down on his chest. The wreck resulted in broken ribs and, while Proctor is grateful his injuries weren’t worse, now it looks like the world champion, currently sitting No. 25 in the standings, may be in jeopardy of falling farther down the ladder.

Taking any time off at this point in the season could mean not making it to the NFR but Proctor (a soon-to-be new dad with wife Hailey) is hopeful to be back in full force next week. In his Instagram post following the buck off, he wrote:

Nothing is guaranteed in this sport. Same bull two days in a row at @prca_prorodeo Dodge City. First ride resulted in 88 pts. The second day resulted in broken ribs. Pretty blessed that the ribs seem to be the only injury. I was mainly worried about my guts but after two days. They seem to be ok. I don’t have time to let this heal, but hopefully after a week, I will be able to ride again. At least @haley_trickrides is taking care of me and we’re kinda sorta getting some baby needs/ things taking care of this week. Blessed with this family and rodeo friends who checked up on me.