Hali Williams Battles Through Injury for First National Finals Breakaway Roping

Hali Williams is heading to her first National Finals Breakaway Roping in the No. 2 spot in the World Standings. She will enter the rodeo around $20,000 behind Shelby Boisjoli who earned a record $164,000 on the season.

Williams battled through injury towards the end of her season but says that she is much healthier as she heads to the finals.

“My foot has gotten a lot better I am out of the boot now. I’m trying not to overdo it and getting ready for Vegas is always stressful.”

Williams has a tear in her achilles among other injuries to her foot that she has been battling through over the last few weeks.

While she may not be 100% physically, Williams says that she will take an injured appearance in the Finals over missing like she did last year.

“I’m trying to count the positives that I got here. Last year I was on the sidelines behind the boxes watching.”

Williams begins competing December 5 at the South Point and you can watch all of the action from the Breakaway Roping Finals live on The Cowboy Channel.