Gavin French Praises Macza’s Squash Blossom Steely Dan After Moving Leaderboard in San Angelo

Gavin French made the high marked ride in the bareback riding during San Angelo’s Saturday night performance to put him in the No. 3 spot this far.

He matched up with Macza Pro Rodeo’s Squash Blossom Steely Dan to go 82 points.

“Oh man, that horse was so awesome. Horses like that, they make our job easy. They’re doing all the work and we’re just sitting there, holding on, having fun,” French said on the grey horse.

Before the performance, French made it a priority to pray for the horse. He says that those horses are athletes just has much as the cowboys who are both worthy of protection.

The 19-year-old has six performances left to go in this round of San Angelo and he currently splits that No. 3 spot with Chad Rutherford.