Four Things to Know Going into Weekend No. 2 of PBR World Finals


The first weekend of the PBR World Finals is over and we are getting ready for the second weekend of bull riding action. Here are four things to know going into weekend No. 2.

Daylon Swearingen stays the No. 1 man in the world.

The race for the world title is hot but Daylon Swearingen stays in that No. 1 position after riding two of three bulls and making the second highest marked ride this far. Swearingen was 93 points in Round 2 on Big Black.

Joao Ricardo Vieira is 3-for-3.

To say Vieira is the fan favorite among the crowd and the cowboys is an understatement. He is the oldest cowboy gunning for a World Title and he currently sits in the No. 2 position. In the first three rounds., Vieira’s talent was showcased with the best and he goes into weekend No. 2 just right.

Ridin Solo moves to No. 1.

The race for Yeti Bull of the Year is just as tight as the World Title race. Ridin Solo and Woopaa came into the PBR World Finals tied for that No. 1 spot. Ridin Solo had an impressive weekend and he now sits No. 1 however, there is one more weekend to go and Woopaa is more than capable of coming out on top.

PBR Team Series Draft is nearing.

The PBR World Finals is the last chance for eligible riders to showoff for general managers and coaches of the PBR’s new Team Series. The draft party will take place on May 23, the day after the 2022 World Champion is crowned.

Round Four begins this Thursday.


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