First Annual Steiner Ranch Riggin’ Rally to Air on The Cowboy Channel

Featured Image: Maci Berry Photography | Action Shots: Jake Link Photography

Rodeo is a Steiner family tradition, and father and son Bobby Steiner (1973 Bull Riding World Champion) and Sid Steiner (2002 Steer Wrestling World Champion) are known for their continued involvement and support of the sport. Many rodeo athletes have even lived and trained under their tutelage on the Steiner Ranch in Weatherford, Texas.

Maci Berry Photography

Sid’s son Rocker has picked bareback riding as his event of choice, proving by the age of 16 to be one of its most promising rising stars. Which is why his dad and grandpa decided to establish an annual bareback invitational.

On Saturday, May 23, the Steiner family hosted their first annual Riggin’ Rally — inviting the top bareback riders in the world to come face off in the Texas Hill Country.

The contestants: Tim O’Connell, Kaycee Field, Leighton Berry, Mason Clements, Jamie Howlett, Clayton Biglow, Tilden Hooper, Cole Reiner, Richmond Champion, Taylor Broussard, Jesse Pope, Will Lowe, Jake Brown, Zach Hibler, Clint Laye, Caleb Bennett, Bill Tutor.

The event was closed to the public this year and kept hush-hush among the contestants, but The Cowboy Channel was on the scene to capture all of the action. Watch our one-hour special on the first annual Riggin’ Rally this coming Tuesday at 8PM ET!

Riggin Rally TV Premiere:

Tuesday, August 11, 8PM ET | 7PM CT | 6PM CT | 5PM PT

Encore Airings:

Wednesday, August 12, 3PM ET

Saturday, August 15, 2PM ET

First Annual Steiner Ranch Riggin’ Rally to Air on The Cowboy Channel