Emily Kent and On The Reydio Have Show Stopping Performance At NRCHA Derby

The National Reined Cow Horse Association’s Celebration of Champions is underway in Fort Worth, Texas. Some champions have already been crowned including Emily Kent who won the Tres Osos Cow Horse Derby Non Pro.

Kent is 18-years old and she accomplished this feat on On The Reydio, a horse that was gifted to her as a yearling, she raised and trained herself start to finish.

“To get to start him and train him, he was my first horse to get to train start to finish and get to hit the show pen on… he has been a winning little sucker,” Kent said.

This event consists of rein work, herd work and fence work, none of which Kent had any trouble with on On They Reydio.

“I wanted to win. My horse wanted to win too… So to go into it I just kept it simple and let him be happy and go do what he loves,” Kent said.

Kent and On The Reydio scored a 220.5 in the rein work, a 214 on the herd work and a 230.5 in the fence work. She went into the herd work leading it and she came out knowing she had won the Derby.

“You know you’re having a good run when Chris Dawson is no longer coaching you and you can just hear him cheering ‘Go on, go on’ and it was awesome,” Kent said.

Kent has a team of people behind her helping make this unbelievable win what it was including Chris and Sarah Dawson and Kody Porterfield. This win will be an all time high for Kent as she goes on through her non pro and professional career.