Dodge City Xtreme Bulls 2021: Highlights, recap and payouts

Four cowboys rode for 85 points or more in Dodge City, Kansas and 13 made the whistle, but in the end, 18-year-old Mason Moody stood above them all by covering Space Unicorn for 88 points.

“It’ll be in my trophy case up in my room,” Moody said when asked if he’d remember his first Xtreme Bulls win.

The win earned Moody $5,429, the biggest check of his very young career. The South Dakota cowboy only has six total attempts since entering his first PRCA rodeo on June 24.

“Everybody that’s helped me, I just got to give great praise to,” he said. “Because, you know without them, the same thing as without God, I wouldn’t be to where I am today.”

Bubba Greig, Tyler Hessman and Shad Winn rounded out the Top 4.


First round: 1. Mason Moody, 88 points on 4L & Diamond S Rodeo’s Space Unicorn, $5,429; 2. Bubba Greig, 86.5, $4,162; 3. Tyler Hessman, 86, $3,076; 4. Shad Winn, 85.5, $1,990; 5. Trevor Reiste, 84.5, $1,267; 6. Denton Fugate, 83, $905; 7. (tie) Tristen Hutchings, Trevor Kastner and Casey Fredericks, 81.5, $422 each.