Damian Brennan Details His Journey From Rural Queensland to Top-Ranked Saddle Bronc Rider

The Aussie recaps his journey to America from the Reno Rodeo

Damian Brennan’s journey to being the No. 1 ranked bronc rider in the PRCA spanned from the ranch to boarding school back to bronc riding school.

Brennan grew up on a cattle ranch in rural Queensland, Australia and was homeschooled from fourth to seventh grade and before taking the common next step for rural Australians and setting off for boarding school.

Following the completion of boarding school, which was the equivalent of American high school, he set out to play rugby, but decided that the city life, particularly Brisbane, was not for him.

After moving back to a smaller town in Northern Australia, he attended bronc riding schools and knew he had to make the jump to the United States to ride amongst the best.

Since moving to the States he has found great success, this year especially. He dominated the Texas Swing and ascended to No. 1 with an astounding $134,213 in earnings. That puts him roughly $30,000 ahead of the No. 2 man Lefty Holman.

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