D&H Cattle Company’s HD Page Talks JuJu & Jag Metals Grand Theft at PBR World Finals

D&H Cattle Company has two bulls bucking in the top 10 at the PBR World Finals. JuJu and Jag Metals Grand Theft have climbed the World Standings in the past 24 hours. JuJu now sits No. 6 in the World while Jag Metals Grand Theft is No. 3 after their Round Four outs at Dickies Arena.

“I’m tickled to see them buck at a high level. It’s an honor to even have one on the list here and to have one in the top ten, it’s a pretty big deal,” said HD Page.

Page was waiting for his bulls to put up some big scores to get into the Yeti Bull of the Year race and afet Round Four they are climbing to the top. For the bulls, they take the top six scores coming into the Finals and then they take the bulls top two scores from the PBR World Finals.

Page says you’ve got to play the game to see who wins and he is no stranger to having great bulls. Another bull that you would recognize from D&H Cattle Company is Chiseled.

“It’s rewarding to see them buck, doing what they’re supposed to do... For those bulls to put out that kind of effort day in and day out, it takes a special animal to do it and he’s been one of those for sure,” Page said about Chiseled. The bull is a Classic Champion, two-time PRCA Bull of the Year and runner up in the PBR multiple times as well.

The list of spectacular animal athletes that are on the dirt inside Dickies Arena is long and distinguished. PBR CEO Sean Gleason says that there are hundreds of standout bulls going down the professional trail.

D&H Cattle Company also has the next generation of bulls already performing great in the arena. They won four out of five spots at the ABBI American Heritage Futurity to continue the D&H Cattle Company legacy in a field full of bulls filled with potential.

JuJu and Jags Metals Grand Theft have one out left at the PBR World Finals and Round Five through the Championship Round are still to come.


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