Cory Solomon Makes the Most of His Unexpected NFR Qualification by Winning Round Three

Tie-Down Roping Recap Day 3

Tie-down roper Cory Solomon thought his 2020 season was over after he finished at 16 in the regular season. He turned his sights to the 2021 season, but then got a call to replace Caleb Smidt.

Solomon is making the most of his opportunity after winning Round 3 thanks to a 7.0-second run.


“The first round I didn’t know how to feel. My heart goes out to Caleb and his family. He worked hard to get here like all the other contestants. At the same time, God has other plans, and I had to accept his blessing with a joyful heart,” he said. “I made up my mind today that I’m going to rope for him all week. I don’t know the history of any calves and I hadn’t roped in the building like everyone else. I backed into the box and did what I’ve worked for my whole life.”

With the round win, Solomon jumped all the way to fifth place in the World Standings and currently sits just $4,000 out of third place.

NFR Tie-Down Results

First Round: 1. Marty Yates, 7.1 seconds, $26,231; 2. Shad Mayfield, 7.5, $20,731; 3. Ty Harris, 7.8, $15,654; 4. Caddo Lewallen, 8.1, $11,000; 5. (tie) Westyn Hughes and Cory Solomon, 8.3, $5,500 each.

Second Round: 1. Marty Yates, 7.2 seconds, $26,231; 2. Timber Moore, 7.7, $20,731; 3. Tyson Durfey, 8.0, $15,654; 4. (tie) Shane Hanchey and Westyn Hughes, 8.1, $8,885 each; 6. Tyler Milligan, 8.2, $4,231.

Third Round: 1. Cory Solomon, 7.0 seconds, $26,231; 2. (tie) Hunter Herrin and Tyson Durfey, 7.3, $18,192 each; 4. Shane Hanchey, 7.4, $11,000; 5. Adam Gray, 7.8, $6,769; 6. Westyn Hughes, 8.1, $4,231.