Clayton Sellars Breaks Down His PBR Rookie of the Year Chances

Fresh off winning the PBR Velocity Tour, Clayton Sellars has a chance at another prestigious prize in Fort Worth - the PBR Rookie of the Year.

Entering the World Finals, which begin May 13 at Dickies Arena, Sellars is just 38 points behind 19-year-old Bob Mitchell in the rookie race.

“I’ve never really been a guy to focus too much on the standings and the races and things like that, although it is pretty exciting going into this, I can’t hide from this,” Sellars said. “At the end of it, I’ll let everyone else tell me that I won when it’s over with.”

Sellars hopes could seal the Rookie of the Year title the same way his old PRCA traveling partner Boudreaux Campbell did in 2021 - by winning the World Finals. You can see the full interview here.


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