Circle Y WPRA Athlete of the Week: Stevi Hillman and Sandi Capture Pendleton Championship Title

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Stevi Hillman turned in the fastest run of the Pendleton Round-Up with a 28.23-second run in the Final Round to reserve the No. 1 spot in the Short-Go and claim the victory as well as the Circle Y WPRA Athlete of the Week Title.

Hillman and her equine partner Sandi split the third and fourth position in Round 1 with a 28.67-second run to bring in just over $3,800 in winnings.

After clocking in the quickest time of the week, Hillman secured her place at No. 1 in the Average with an aggregate time of 56.90 seconds on two head to pull a check for a total of $11,375 as she now sits No. 12 in the WPRA World Standings.