Circle Y WPRA Athlete of the Week: Kelsie Domer Walks Away Victorious in Washington

Kelsie Domer 1280.png

Kelsie Domer dominated at the Ellensburg Breakaway Roping as she claimed the No. 1 spot with an aggregate time of 7.4 seconds to secure the Circle Y WPRA Athlete of the Week Title.

In Round 1, Domer shared the sixth position with fellow breakaway roper Lari Dee Guy to claim a check for just under $1,000. Domer followed up with a strong performance in Round 2, clocking a 2.3-second run to secure a tie for first place.

Domer maintained her momentum by capturing the top spot in the Short-Go with a time of 2.4 seconds as she cinched the No. 1 position in the Average to pull a check for $6,973.

While in Washington, Domer also comepted at the Walla Walla Breakaway Roping where she captured the win with a 2.3-second run and a check for $5,734.

Domer now sits No. 8 in the WPRA Breakaway World Standings with $79,900 in total earnings as she works to secure a second National Final Breakaway Roping qualification.