Cheyenne Frontier Days: A Look at the Finalists


Friday and Saturday consisted of two Semifinals rounds in Cheyenne, with the Top 6 finishers each day in each event qualifying for the Championship Round on Sunday.

In one round of the breakaway roping and one round of the bronc riding, there were ties for sixth place, which means 13 contestants will move on in those two events.

In the bull riding, there were only six qualified rides in Semis round one and three in round two, so the contestants who scored best throughout the qualifying rounds (during which each cowboy rode twice) are being brought back to fill out the field of 12 — meaning you will see both Sage Kimzey and JB Mauney in the Finals.

Here’s a look at who made it through in each event and will compete today for a coveted Cheyenne title!

The Cheyenne Frontier Days Finals are LIVE at 3:00 PM ET on The Cowboy Channel and Cowboy Channel+ app.


Ty Breuer

Trenten Montero

Tim O’Connell

Tilden Hooper

Tanner Aus

R.C. Landingham

Mason Clements

Keenan Reed Hayes

Kaycee Feild

Jess Pope

Cole Franks

Bodee Lammers

Bill Tutor


Jordi Edens

Nicole Baggarley

Kayelen Helton

Bradi Good

Sawyer Gilbert

Makayla Mack

Kirsten Stubbs Smith

Tibba Smith

Martha Angelone

Amanda Coleman

Hope Luttrell

McKenzie Frizzel

Coralee Spratt


Marty Yates

Ryan Jarrett

John Douch

Ty Harris

Tuf Case Cooper

Craig Leonard

Chance Oftedahl

Kasen Brennise

Ladd King

Trenton Smith

Rhen Richard

Ryan Thibodeaux


Stetson Wright

Sterling Crawley

Ryder Wright

Mitch Pollock

Kolby Wanchuk

Isaac Diaz

Hardy Braden

Dawson Hay

Chase Brooks

Cash Wilson

Brody Wells

Ben T Andersen


Jr. Dees / Matt Sherwood

Jake Cooper / Lane Mitchell

Clay Smith / Jade Corkill

Dustin Egusquiza / Travis Graves

Joshua Torres / Jonathan Torres

Jason Stewart / Jason Duby

Eric Martin / Ryon Tittel

Levi Simpson / Tyler Worley

Curry Kirchner / Austin Rogers

Clint Summers / Ross Ashford

Jake Clay / Billie Jack Saebens

Aaron Tsinigine / Kyle Lockett


Kyle Whitaker

Newt Novich

Trell Etbauer

Mike McGinn

Justin Shaffer

Brian Snell

Seth Cooper Peterson

Dirk Tavenner

Kalane Anders

Cameron Morman

Reed Kraeger

Chance E Howard


Wade Shoemaker D.V.M.

J.R. Magdeburg III

Vin Fisher Jr.

Trey Yates

Buck Mekelburg

Taylor Davidson

Taylor Santos

J. Tom Fisher

Ryan Willberg

Laramie Allen

Slade Wood

Cole Patterson


Jordon Briggs

Lindsay Sears

Jimmie Smith

Michelle Darling

Lisa Lockhart

Hailey Kinsel

Kassie Mowry

Ivy Saebens

Nellie Miller

Shelley Morgan

Shali Lord

Jamie Chaffin


Stetson Wright

Shane Proctor

Sage Steele Kimzey

Ruger Piva

Parker Breding

Mason T Spain

Ky John Hamilton

Josh Frost

Jordan Wacey Spears

Jordan Hansen

JC Mortensen

JB Mauney

Jack Gilmore

Dustin Donovan Boquet