Checking in with J.R. Vezain: Recovery, Ranching, and Judging Rodeos

Since being thrown from a horse and breaking his back in September of 2018, 6X NFR qualifying bareback rider J.R. Vezain has had mobility issues from the waist down — he’s also been determined to walk again. And the 6X NFR qualifier continues to make strides in his recovery.

Vezain went to Panama City in February for stem cell treatment and says, “Everything went pretty smoothly. I’ve noticed I have a little bit more control and consistent movement, but other than that it’s still just a slow process of healing.”

“My core is really strong,” he told “I’ve been working on balance, sitting on a balance ball and using discs. We have a walking machine where (with assistance) I walk and stretch. If I can stand, I can start to move my legs. I have enough control, like to crawl, and my hip flexor muscles are working. I have some leg movement, but I’ve got to be able to stand first.”

PRCA recently caught up with Vezain to hear more about what he’s up to now, which includes continuing to work on his mobility, working on the ranch, motivational speaking, and judging at rodeos. To read the full story, click here.