Champion Team Roper Erich Rogers Talks RFD-TV’s The American

Wanting as many chances as possible to make it to AT&T Stadium and compete for the $1 million at RFD-TV’s The American, often times team ropers will switch ends and partners in order to qualify for more spots.

Before his runs last night in Semifinals Performance 1, champion header Erich Rogers talked to Amy Wilson about how it all works and how you adapt to swapping jobs.”

“Everybody back home, I’m getting calls and texts that say, ‘You can heel?’ And I say, ‘Yeah, just a little bit,’” Rogers says with a laugh, “just enough to where I can catch.”

When asked what he’d do with the million, he says he’d probably buy roping partner Paden Bray’s horse (whom Rogers is riding to heel at The American) and tell him, “Sorry, I’m going to go to heeling for the year.”