Capri Campers Creates Riggin’ Rally Trophy

Tyson and Pete D’Acosta are the owners of Capri Campers and are responsible for the creation of the bronze statue that will be awarded to the winners of 12 Riggin’ Rallys, the first starting in Darby, Montana this June.

Capri Campers began 53 years ago and was known for being synonymous with rodeo cowboys. However, when this connection began to fade, in 2014, The D’Acostas purchased Capri Campers and were on mission to re-energize the connection between the company and the rodeo industry.

Pete and Tyson wanted to give back to the rodeo community and reached out to John Davis, a Fort Worth ISD Art Teacher, to create a piece that would be gifted to the winner at the Riggin’ Rallys. The statue took a little over three months to complete.

Capri Campers have once again become a staple in the rodeo industry and have even been featured in the television series, Yellowstone.

Our very own Ty McClary says, “When it comes to Capri Campers and rodeo, truthfully, it kind of goes hand in hand because all my life growing up, going to rodeos across the country, you pull up to a rodeo and a Capri Camper would be siting there and ten bareback riders would get out of one of those things. . . there’s Capri Campers running up and down the road everywhere you look”.

Thirteen of the top bareback riders in the world are currently traveling with Capri Campers and the D’Acostas look forward to possibly creating another Riggin’ Rally statue in future years.


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