Calgary Stampede: Saturday Matinee Daysheet, Pool A, Round 2

Pool A is the first of three and it got the greatest outdoor show on earth started strong.

Calgary Stampede 2024

Pool A action continues in Calgary at 3:30 PM ET on The Cowboy Channel and Cowboy Channel+.


After finishing second in the round on Friday, Kade Sonnier has drawn Soap Bubbles.

Cole Reiner Witless Margie
Cole Franks Born Fearless
Clint Laye Coffee Express
Mason Clements Y Not Crystal
Nick Pelke Run Flavored
Waylon Bourgeois Uptown Girl
Dantan Bertsch Twin Cherry
Weston Timberman Young Carma
Kade Sonnier Soap Bubbles


World No. 1 Dalton Massey is on fire after wins in Ponoka, Reno and Round 1 of Pool A in Calgary.

Scott Guenthner
Walt Arnold
Dalton Massey
Stephen Culling
Tucker Allen
Justin Shaffer
Jacob Talley
Will Lummus
Don Payne
Nick Guy


Riggin Smith won Round 1, but Lefty Holman and Statler Wright are both looking to make moves after being left out of the money on Friday.

Sage Newman Xemplary Bubbles
Riggin Smith Annual News
Tanner Butner Wrong Flavour
Layton Green Zoaria Hills
Lefty Holman Urgent Delivery
Zeke Thurston Enuff Cherry
Parker Fleet Arctic Plum
Sterling Crawley Burban
Logan Cook Welcome Delivery
Statler Wright Yukon Rambler


There were two times faster than 7.5 seconds, and Caleb Smidt tied one in 6.5 but broke out.

Shad Mayfield
Marcos Costa
Tuf Cooper
Caleb Smidt
Kyle Lucas
Logan Bird
Shane Smith
Blane Cox
John Douch
Chance Thiessen


Ashley Castleberry will look to take advantage of the top of the ground in a pool that includes the Top 3 from this rodeo a year ago - Lisa Lockhart, Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi and Emily Beisel.

Ashley Castleberry
Bailey Smith
Tiany Schuster
Sue smith
Jessica Routier
Emily Beisel
Taylor Manning
Lisa Lockhart
Karli Cowie
Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi


In his Calgary Stampede debut, World No. 4 Hayes Weight picked up the Go-Round win on Friday.

Luke Mast Minor Detail
Jacob Garnder Big Errch
Mason Moody TG Shepard
Tristen Hutchings Night Hawk
Edgar Durazo Wake Up Call
Hayes Weight Tiger Torch
Wyatt Gleeson London Fog
Maverick Smith Storyteller
Ashton Sahli Kingpin
Nick Tetz Home Aloen
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