Calgary Stampede: Pool B, Round 1 Winning Rides and Runs

The second of three pools got going in Calgary on Monday afternoon

Calgary Stampede 2024

Monday brought the first tie in the bronc riding in Calgary and another sub-7 second tie-down roping time.

No. 19 Richmond Champion, 87 Points on Macza Pro Rodeo’s Grit Your Teeth

No. 8 Ty Erickson, 4.5 Seconds

No. 36 Chase Brooks, 87.5 Points on Macza Pro Rodeo’s Falkland Playboy

No. 16 Kolby Wanchuk, 87.5 Points on Alberta Moon

No. 5 Shane Hanchey, 6.7 Seconds

No. 103 Katelyn Scott, 17.12 Seconds

No. 8 Trey Kimzey, 83 Points on Wayne Vold’s Last Rights

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