Calgary Stampede 2021: Recap and highlights



After 10 days of competition and $1,500,000 paid out The Calgary Stampede has some new champions for the first time since 2019.

In barrel racing, it was Canadian cowgirl Bertina Olafson winning the bronze. Olafson was third in the Round of 10 and saved her best for last by registering a time of 17.247 to win the Showdown.

“This is my dream and it came true,” she said. “This is just so much more than I ever expected.”

In bareback riding, three-time World Champion Tim O’Connell added to his historic career by winning his first Calgary Stampede. O’Connell battled through a bruised sternum to notch two 90+ point rides in Pool A before riding for 90 in the semi-finals and 93.5 in the Showdown. O’Connell had only made it to the Showdown one other time in his career and was unable to get on due to a broken hand.

As for saddle bronc riding, Brody Cress put up a monster score in the Showdown as well when he tied the arena record with 94.5 points. Cress battled through the Wild Card to make it to Showdown Sunday.

“It means so much (to win The Calgary Stampede),” O’Connell said. “To finally make it all the way through to the very final four and to win the final four against this group of guys and this group of horses, I don’t have words, I’m just very blessed.”

The last roughstock title was won by Jordan Hansen in the bull riding. It took eight bulls to determine the winner because all four cowboys were bucked off their first in the Showdown. Hansen was 87.5 on Diamond Back to seal the deal.

In the last two timed events, it was 2020 Reserve World Champion Stetson Jorgensen winning the steer wrestling and Cory Solomon winning the tie-down roping.

Solomon won The Calgary Stampede for the third time in emphatic fashion by stopping the clock at 6.6 seconds in the semifinals and 7.3 in the Showdown.

“This is my favorite place to go rope calves,” Solomon said. “I might just buy a place in Canada, I love Calgary, Alberta.”



Pool A semifinal qualifiers: 1. Wenda Johnson, $20,000; 2. Bertina Olafson, $12,250; 3. (tie) Lynette Brodoway and Justine Elliott, $8,000 each.

Pool B: semifinal qualifiers: 1. Shelby Spielman, $19,000; 2. (tie) Lindsay Kruse and Brittney Barnett, $12,000 each; 4. Stacey Ruzicka, $10,500.

Wild Card qualifiers: 1. Jackie Ganter, 17.45 seconds; 2. Jenna O’Reilly, 17.86.

Showdown qualifiers: 1. Shelby Spielman, 17.28; 2. Brittany Barnett, 17.37; 3. Bertina Olafson, 17.38; 4. Lindsay Kruse, 17.40.

Showdown results: Bertina Olafson, 17.247; Brittany Barnett 17.552; Lindsay Kruse, 17.790; Shelby Spielman, 17.808.


Bareback riding

Pool A semifinal qualifiers: 1. Tim O’Connell, $16,000; 2. Richmond Champion, $13,500; 3. Cole Franks, $9,875; 4. Connor Hamilton, $8,375.

Pool B semifinal qualifiers: 1. Jesse Pope, $17,000; 2. Caleb Bennett, $15,250; 3. Orin Larsen, $15,000; 4. Anthony Thomas, $9,000.

Wild Card qualifiers: Zach Hibler, 86.50; Spur Lacosse, 83.50.

Showdown qualifiers: Caleb Bennett, 92.50; Orin Larsen, 90.50; Tim O’Connell, 90.00; Spur Lacasse, 89.00.

Showdown results: Tim O’Connell, 93.50; Caleb Bennett, 92.50; Orin Larsen, 88.50; Spur Lacasse, 87.00.


Steer wrestling

Pool A semifinal qualifiers: 1. Dakota Eldridge, $12,000; 2. Curtis Cassidy, $11,500; 3. Nick Guy, $7,500; 4. Stetson Jorgensen, $7,000.

Pool B semifinal qualifiers: 1. Taz Olson, $14,500; 2. Stockton Graves, $14,000; 3. Jacob Edler, $9,000; 4. Jesse Brown, $8,500.

Wild Card qualifiers: Cody Cassidy, 4.1 seconds; Cody Devers, 4.3.

Showdown qualifiers: Cody Devers, 3.8; Curtis Cassidy, 4.0; Stetson Jorgensen, 4.0; Stockton Graves, 4.1.

Showdown results: Stetson Jorgensen, 4.7; Stockton Graves, 4.9; Curtis Cassidy, 5.0; Cody Devers 6.3.


Saddle bronc riding

Pool A semifinal qualifiers: 1. Sage Newman, $18,500; 2. Zeke Thurston, $12,000; 3. Kolby Wanchuk, $10,250; 4. Logan Cook, $9,250.

Pool B semifinal qualifiers: 1. Shorty Garrett, $12,500; 2. (tie) Allen Boore and Wyatt Casper, $11,000 each; Isaac Diaz, $8,000.

Wild Card qualifiers: K’s Thompson, 88.00 points; Brody Cress, 88.00.

Showdown qualifiers: Logan Cook, 90.50; K’s Thompson, 88.00; Brody Cress, 87.50; Kolby Wanchuk, 87.00.

Showdown results: Brody Cress, 94.50; K’s Thompson, 89,00; Kolby Wanchuk, BO; Logan Cook, BO.


Tie-down roping

Pool A semifinal qualifiers: 1. (tie) Jake Pratt and Hunter Herrin, $10,500 each; 3. Cory Solomon, $9,750; 4. Marcos Costa, $9,500.

Pool B semifinal qualifiers: 1. Shad Mayfield, $15,500; 2. Justin Smith, $12,500; 3. Cody Craig, $11,000; 4. (tie) Erik Dublanko and Ryan Jarrett, $10,000.

Wild Card qualifiers: Ryan Jarrett, 6.7 seconds; Shane Hanchey, 6.8.

Showdown qualifiers: Cory Solomon, 6.6; Cody Craig, 7.2; Marcos Costa, 7.3; Ryan Jarrett, 7.7.

Showdown results: Cory Solomon, 7.3; Marcos Costa, 7.9; Cody Craig, 10.6; Ryan Jarrett, NT.


Bull riding

Pool A semifinal qualifiers: 1. Dakota Butter, $15,500; 2. J.C. Mortensen, $5,500; 3. Cody Coverchuk, $4,500; 4. Garret Green, $3,500.

Pool B semifinal qualifiers: 1. Josh Frost, $13,500; 2. Daylon Swearingen, $12,500; 3. (tie) Jordan Hansen and Jared Parsonage, $9,500 each.

Wild Card qualifiers: Laramie Mosely, 86.00; Matt Palmer, 86.00.

Showdown qualifiers: JC Mortensen, 89.50; Dakota Buttar, 88.50; Jordan Hansen, 87.50; Cody Coverchuk, 85.50

Showdown results: Jordan Hansen, 87.50; JC Mortensen, BO; Dakota Buttar, BO; Cody Coverchuk, BO.



Shad Mayfield dominates final two performances of Pool B in the tie-down roping

Caleb Bennett, Jess Pope each win two rounds in Pool B bareback riding at Calgary Stampede

Tim O’Connell rides for 91.5 points on Day 4 to win Pool A

Kolby Wanchuk after his record-tying saddle bronc ride at The Calgary Stampede

Wenda Johnson after winning Pool A in the barrel racing at Calgary Stampede

Professional rodeo action consists of two types of competitions - roughstock events and timed events - and an all-around cowboy crown.

Meet the NFR Athletes is Presented by Montana Silversmiths
Meet the NFR Athletes is presented by Montana Silversmiths
Meet the NFR Athletes is presented by Montana Silversmiths
Meet the NFR Athlete is presented by Montana Silversmiths
Meet the NFR Athletes is presented by Montana Silversmiths
Meet the NFR Athletes is presented by Montana Silversmiths
Meet the NFR Athletes is presented by Montana Silversmiths
Meet the NFR Athletes is presented by Montana Silversmiths