Bodie Mattson & Trae Smith Cinch the Cowboy Channel Rookie Roundup with Their Fastest Run of the Weekend

Bodie Mattson and Trae Smith were the team ropers to watch during the Cowboy Channel Rookie Roundup presented by Resistol. They caught a leg in Round 1 to come be the seventh team coming back when they stopped the clock at 6.0 in the eight-man round. Their fastest run of the week came at the right time in the Final Shootout Round when they were a 5.5 to win it all.

“The first two teams put the pressure on us and damn sure know what we had to do,” Mattson said.

Even though they got the win with a quick 5.5, it could’ve been even faster.

“That steer got away from me, I went over the top of my horn think twice but it all worked out,” Smith said.

The duo came in with more confidence than some since they rope together on a regular basis and know what to expect from each other. We will see them again at the College Finals as well.

Mattson now sits No. 3 in the Resistol Rookie Standings and Smith sits No. 4.