Bobby Mote Talks Triple Crown of Rodeo

Bobby Mote is world champion but he is also president of the World Champions Rodeo Alliance.

The WCRA’s triple crown events give the opportunity to their contestants to win a million dollars. If you win three triple crown WCRA events in a row, that money is yours.

Riley Webb is on track to do just that when he competes at the Days of 47 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He’s automatically advancing to the final round there and he will be competing against the household names of tie-down like Shane Hanchey and Shad Mayfield. Webb has competed and won against these guys before, the difference in Salt Lake will be that Webb has the chance to make history and inspire people across the country.

The Days of 47 Cowboy Games and Rodeo is set for July 20-24.

WCRA also has another triple crown event coming up in the Fort Worth Stockyards later in the year.