Blane Cox Wins the Coveted Tie-Down Roping Championship in Pendleton

Blane Cox is the Pendleton Roundup tie down roping champion after an impressive 7.8-second run in the Short Round resulting in 27.1 seconds on three head for the Aggregate win.

“It always seems like there’s always one in the short round that ties one at seven and normally moves up quite a bit in the average and I was hoping that was gonna be me today. I drew a great calf and once again, thanks to Dylan (Hancock) and his family for riding that great mare, it’s just a blessing,” said Cox.

Cox’s Short Round time of 7.8 was the fastest of the rodeo by six tenths of a second and he would ultimately win the Average by a full second.

Cox cashed in for a total of $12,028 to go from No. 13 to No. 11 in the PRCA World Standings.

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