Best Moments of 2021: JB Mauney wins the bull riding at Reno Rodeo

The $7 million man JB Mauney made the transition to rodeoing full time in the PRCA in 2021 and what helped kickstart his first NFR berth was a win at the Reno Rodeo at the end of June.

To kick things off, Mauney was 89 points on Wicked Sensation to win the Long Round, which he called the biggest win of his PRCA career afterward. However, more success was coming Mauney’s way. In the Short Round, he was 87.5 points on Sea Smoke to claim the buckle in Reno with a score of 176.5 on two head. He won just over $20,000 total, which was more than any competitor in the event.

“There’s no better feeling, I’m back to having fun riding bulls,” he said afterward.

Mauney finished the year No. 12 in the PRCA Bull Riding World Standings with $146,466.


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